I am a Mississippi girl who knew at a very young age that I had a call on my life, and I am so happy I answered that call. I would have never believed, though, that I would grow up and live in India planting churches, schools, and orphanages through Embassy of Hope. I also didn’t dream that my three-year old would tell everyone he met that he lived on a plane because we traveled so much crisscrossing America and the world preaching the gospel to hundreds of thousands. My husband is the lead pastor of Harvest Church in Mobile, Alabama, and I help him there serving as ministry coordinator. I love to host and speak at women’s conferences, mission conferences, churches, and luncheons. More than all of that, I am a wife who is smitten with my man and a proud soccer mom of two boys, Gavin and Garrison, who keep me hopping with their love for sports and music.