Complain or Be Happy

It's our choice. But we can't do both at the same time. Have you noticed that?

Today's #JustOne2015 Online Conference  was so great by Lori Wilhite. I strongly encourage you to take part by going to & registering today. She talked about how the children of Israel complained in Numbers 11 about their hardships. I loved what she said, that when we complain, we are rejecting the Lord and basically saying to Him, "God, what you have given me is not good enough." Woa! That really hit home with me. I am so blessed so how dare me complain about anything! But truth be told, I do sometimes.  

Lori went on to talk about how a spirit of complaint spreads like wildfire. I know in our church in the past if someone didn't like a certain decision that was made or maybe wasn't in agreement with the direction of things, someone might complain and before long it spread from department to department. Before long there is disunity, strife, and all kinds of not fun stuff. ( I'm sure that is only in the past and we are all in perfect unity right now. If not, please leave me in my fairy tale.😉) Lori likened the spirit of complaining to the flu which I totally relate to as I lie in bed typing this blog not feeling well from something I caught from my son over the weekend. 

Question: Who would you rather be around? Someone healthy or someone sick? Someone who complains or someone happy?  

So let's all work on this together...being someone that people will want to be around. Radical concept, right?! Something God has been dealing with me about is for me to not even complain to my family and those closest to me. They don't want to hear it either. I sometimes think they are obligated to love me anyway so blah blah blah. Noooo! The Lord is correcting me in this to spread the happy not only to all those hurting people out there but also to the ones I love the most!!! Duh! I'm slow but thank God, He's so patient with me. Won't you join me in getting rid of any spirit of complaint we may or may not have been yielding to. Let's instead be grateful and enjoy our joy and all that He has provided for us and spread the happy! 

Which will it be for you? Complain 😖 or Be Happy😃