A Happy Perspective

As I flew into NYC last night, I began to remember how differently the city looked from 5th Ave looking up at the skyscrapers that surrounded me on my last visit to this majestic city. Such a different perspective from among the clouds. 


Those ginormous concrete buildings are just beautifully lit decorations from this jetliner. I thought to myself as I'm sure anyone has that has flown even once, wow, the difference perspective makes. The higher up you are, the smaller things look that SEEM overwhelming when you are right in the middle of it. I'ld say Manhattan was quite overwhelming my first time there. 


Ya know, especially on our first trip {or in our first experience with this heart ache or that taunting task} it can be especially intimidating but from this view gliding over the city, it was not intimidating at all. There was perfect peace and it was simply breathtaking to behold.


The take away? This is God's view even of our impossible lives we think we lead. This isn't working out. That is going wrong. The people we love are not cooperating with us the way we wish. We probably are not cooperating with them from their perspective. 


What if everyone in our lives realized that their perspective isn't the only perspective and may or may not be the right one?! Uh oh, news flash, our perspective may not be accurate either. So what to do with this delimma of skewed perspectives we often possess? The only perspective that is perfectly clear is the One who made us. True North is what we need to get our bearings.  As badly as we  want super clear perspective we have to realize that we only see through a glass dimly on this side of heaven and what we are longing for is glory. So we look to His Word and it clears up our vision greatly. But at the end of the day, it is perspective from on High that is going to leave us the happiest, not our own limited view.