How to Swing into 2015 Happy

It's not happy people that are thankful but thankful people that are happy!

I’m thanking God, who makes things right. I’m singing the fame of heaven-high GOD. (Psalm 7:17 MSG)

Have you ever messed something up really bad? Yea, me too. Here at the end of the year, it's a good time to be thankful that no matter how bad you've screwed things up, God can make it right!

Going into the new year, we can be hopeful that God will make our wrongs right and thankful for all the times He already actually has. I sort of think maybe part of why being thankful is connected to being happy is because we remember, for example, how God has made things right for us in the past and are thankful for it, and it helps us to be hopeful that He will again. Hope springs forth happiness.

God, that we never lose hope. I've been soooooo close so many times but thank God for even the tiny little string of hope I've had at times to hold on to that has helped me swing from thankfulness over to happy anyway. Happy ANYWAY in spite of what happened. Happy ANYWAY in spite of how bad I messed that up. Happy ANYWAY in spite of what they think. Happy ANYWAY in spite of all my inadequacy. You get the idea... So while everyone else is saying to look ahead and don't look back, you might actually want to look back over what all there is to be thankful for, grab hold of that rope of hope that being thankful provides and swing on into 2015 #happyANYWAY trusting that God will somehow make this right, too! Go ahead! Whatever it is you are facing, I just know, He is the way maker. Trust him to make it right! By faith, thank Him for doing it and watch Him work on your behalf. Then as Psalm 7 says,"sing the fame of heaven-high God!"