Happy To Be Me

Happy Monday ya'll!


Ever peer over into someone else's life imagining yourself there instead of where you are? Come on. Be honest. I know I have but guess what! Everyone I ever wished I was has resulted in me being really happy I'm me. I have wished I was someone who now is divorced, never remarried and alone. I have wished I was someone who is now a widow. I have wished I was someone who, come to find out, her husband was doing drugs and cheating on her even though he was pretty much a household name in the Christian world so of course she was humiliated beyond imagination. I've wished I was someone who years later, this person's phone rang on accident and I heard her husband rant in rage toward her dropping the F bomb like you would not believe at her while she was crying. These people never knew I heard all that. But you can rest assured after that butt call, I never wished I was her again. 😂 I could go on and on with all the people through the years I actually thought, "Oh, how wonderful it must be to be them." But I think you get the point. Everything that glitters is not gold. The grass truly is not always greener on the other side. And everyone who seems to have it all together doesn't necessarily.


Surely you have just sort of had stars in your eyes ever and had the fleeting thought, "Wow, to have all that or be all that?!"💬💬   


Here's the thought for the day... Stop wishing you lived somewhere else and bloom where you are planted. Stop wishing you had her clothes or lived in her house or had that job or her level of success. You don't. You have your life. Stop coveting and realize YOU have what God has given you and the only problem is that you have underestimated what that is. Start today realizing that those same seeds of greatness are on the inside of you!! The miracle is truly in YOUR house and the only person holding you back is YOU. Start today being happy to be you and watch that one adjustment propel you into the life of your dreams!!! 😍😘🙌