Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day? Think about it. How can we even say that? Isn't Memorial Day about remembering the thousands that died for our freedom? How happy is Memorial Day for the family who just lost someone? Probably not very in one sense. Yet in another sense,  the honor and the pride they must feel to have a hero in their family that actually gave their life so we may celebrate, take off work, go to the beach, and splash in pools all over this great land each year on this day. 


So actually what we have done as a nation is figure out how to be happy ANYWAY on this day each year. This message of being happy ANYWAY has helped women who's husbands have left them learn how to be happy anyway. It has helped people who deal with severe health problems be happy anyway. It has helped women on the verge of losing it all gain their composure and be happy anyway. 


If you think about it, it is the very reason we can remember with thankfulness and even sorrow each year on Memorial Day but yet be happy ANYWAY!  


Joy is a gift from God we are given to give us strength even through the hardest of times and when we choose to enjoy this gift from on high, JOY, we too can be happy ANYWAY!