Shout it out!

There is no power in rehearsing facts. Is that thought helpful? How can you be happy in the middle of living hell. Your heart of gratitude in the midst of life turns thugs around in your favor. Praise silences (restrains, and causes to sit down) the enemy.  

 All hell has come lose in your life and you start praising God ANYWAY, yielding to joy, it confuses the enemy, the salsa come down, and it posts the enemy on a leash.  


Between you and your dreams there will always be a Jericho. What if your praise is the only thing keeping you from you and your dreams. It was the shout that made all the difference with the walls of Jericho.  


Its like when your kids get their favorite new shirt, we say no worries, we can shout it out! The hubs comes in with grease on his pants or a run around his collar, no worries shout it out! 


Same thing in life, whatever just happened that you think is setting you back, no worries, shout it out!  


That's what it means to be happy ANYWAY!