Love yourself like your life depends on it!

...because it does. Truly it does.  

The Bible clearly tells us to love others AS WE LOVE OURSELVES. So, guess what that means? To the degree we love ourselves is the degree we will love others. There's a problem with this for many of us. Lots of us were taught that loving ourselves is selfish. There is a huge difference between loving yourself and being selfish. So, so, so many things I used to think were selfish I now know are just self respect; not only are they ok but my very mental and physical health depend on that self respect. The Bible says not to think more highly of ourselves than we ought but it doesn't say to think little of ourselves. No! You are supposed to think highly of yourself --- just not too highly --- you know to the point of becoming annoying.  

Here's something that has helped me with this. I used to think I could do anything I put my mind to and that it was never ever ok for me to say "I just can't do this or that." I know what people mean when they say to never use the word can't. I understand we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. At the same time, I also understand I can't sing and if you don't believe me ask me to! Point being....I just learned in recent years that if I am slap worn out as we say in the south and just don't have it in me to do xyz, it is more than ok no matter what you think of me to say to someone who asks something of me "Sorry I just can't right now." No explanation needed. No guilt trip. No shame. Just love. Self love. When we burn the candle at both ends we are not as bright as we think we are. And when we spread ourselves too thin we end up being no good to anyone! So, because you love others and want to be able to help others, you better take care of you first. Reminds me of lifeguarding as a teenager---- Save yourself first. You will only be able to save others if you are alive to save them. Rest. Love you. Take care of your needs and with no guilt. Then, you will have the strength fueled by real joy to love others. Loving others should flow over from loving yourself. Then it's not forced, a chore, or something that drains you. There is such a thing as giving too much. There is such a thing as depleting yourself by doing for others so much that you never do for yourself. When you love you, you have energy left over to love others well...really well! 

Take that bubble bath and dream of things you want to do for fun soon.  


Go for the walk with someone you love even if it means leaving the house a mess. 


Spend the day with the family hanging out on the spur of the moment and leave your to do list for tomorrow.  


Treat yourself to something special that isn't normal for you and feel good about it with not an ounce of regret.  


Plan a get away for just you or maybe with girlfriends you've been meaning to do.  


Make a bucket list and start checking things off!  

Go ahead and lose that weight, get in shape, not for approval from anyone but because you love you enough to do what's best for you!  

Get happy on the inside and the outside and join me in throwing Happy around like confetti! You can only do this and it be the real deal if you love yourself like your life depends on it. You know what? Your life really does depend on it. There is no way you will live a satisfied life not loving yourself enough to take care of you as well as everyone else you take care of. Also, practice being thankful for things about yourself. This week is Thanksgiving and along with being thankful for others and all God has provided for you, be thankful about certain things about yourself...and go ahead and love yourself!!!!

Happy Monday!