Just another day in paradise

Merry Christmas Ya'll

Merry Christmas Ya'll

This morning fixing breakfast I had this overwhelming thought I'ld like to share with you. I was standing in my kitchen when I looked up and saw the view in the picture above. It really just sort of hit me out of the blue of how blessed I am. Immediately, thoughts flooded my mind of all the things our family is wanting right now. Of course on the heels of thankfulness came want, want, want. I could pretend that didn't happen in hopes of making you think I'm only so very thankful. But honestly, my mind drifted to the river and how we all want to move to the river, buy a boat, a couple of jet skis, a paddle board and kayak. Then I remembered my boys' wish list of designer clothing most of us have never heard of. All of this, mind you happened in a split second. Then I looped back around before I hardly knew I had even had those thoughts of discontentment. The waves of wanting for stuff receded and thankfulness came crashing back in. My eyes fixated a little bit more intensely on the paradise right in front of me....

my dish towel that makes me smile sporting the words "Merry Christmas Y'all" 

the range that my husband picked out when I thought it would be romantic many years ago for him to go to the appliance store with me...of course he picks out this French range that nearly requires a degree to operate ~ this range that brings me joy with each meal I prepare 

the copper tea kettle I picked out antiquing with my mom that heats up our water for green tea to be enjoyed over fabulous conversation

the apple turnovers for the boys' breakfast today that they fell in love with at Paw Paw's one year while visiting over the holidays

the All Clad griddle & press that Kevin bought me one year out of desperation hoping to never hear me complain again about not having good cookware {I don't think I complain a lot but I wanted new cookware that year like a brat wants a piece of candy in the line at the grocery store...ashamed to say} ~ it filled the house with the smell of breakfast this morning enjoyed by all


There I stood this morning in paradise. And I recognized it as such. Not because of stuff but because of all the meaningful memories that filled my heart as I looked around. It was in that moment I knew what today's blog needed to be and so I snapped this pic to capture it. But then as often happens in my paradise, things didn't go as planned and I wasn't able to post today's blog until late afternoon. Typically I would have been stressed all day about not getting it posted. But today I decided to go with the flow. Today what I didn't have was time to get this done. Rather than stressing about it, I just enjoyed the time I did have to do what I've done today. Life is not perfect and the sooner we realize that, each day will be just another day in paradise. 

Happy Monday y'all!