Pain is powerful fuel

We run from pain. We pray against pain. Jesus bore our pain. Reality is that there is pain in this life.

I've had two babies, surgeries, and many years prior to that skinned my knee riding bikes and have been bucked off many a horse with scars on my face to prove it. I've experienced pain and so have you, no doubt. 

Yet there is no pain as severe as relational pain. The most amazing songs in the world have come out of that pain. We've all sat in movie theatres moved to tears over that pain. Books have been born out of that pain. Starbucks has made a fortune from us all connecting with friends over coffee to avoid that pain or try to resolve that pain. Country Clubs have taken in billions as people try to navigate that pain together. Churches are in theory a hospital for people seeking the ultimate comfort and relief from that pain in Christ.  

 I'ld like to propose to you a thought. What if you and I chose to use that pain as jet fuel like many songwriters and actors have done? Like doctors have done researching countless hours for a cure for a disease that took the lives of their loved ones. What if we let pain propel us right into God's loving arms where we are healed and given divine power to go from that place of brokeness to others who are broken with a message we recieved in His presence? What if we soaked in the fullness of joy in that place that pain drove us to? What if we came out of that holy of holies holier ourselves instead of angry and needing the world to know we are right and that they did us wrong. Is it possible for grace to drip from our lips any time our betrayer is mentioned? What if that pain wasn't intensified every time we saw that person on social media because the blood of Jesus was truly trusted to blot out their transgression against us? What if our relational pain comes out of our own sin and we chose to forgive the hardest person ever - ourselves? 

What if we never wasted another ounce of pain again? What if our perspective became that pain is powerful fuel repurposed to propel us into the love of God which NEVER fails?!   

Try on this new perspective and let me know how it goes this week. Seriously, email me your results at  

I would love to hear from you. We are in this together and I am committed to helping you walk through your pain. If it is over my head, I will point you to a professional who can help. Or I will connect you to someone else in our happy sisterhood who can stand with you. Let’s lock arms and let pain propel into His arms of love!

Happy Monday! 




God is Love is Happy 😊  👇👇👇

Everyone wants to live a happy life right? Harvard proved that the key to a happy life is love. And the Bible tells us that God is Love so that leads us to understand that...well, of course  👉👉👉 Love is the key to a happy life because God is love and love never fails. For more in depth study on these truths, check out my first devotional Happy ANYWAY. And also be on the look out for Love ANYWAY to be released this fall! ✍️📝📖





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