Follow the lead!


You never know what a simple act you do could produce for someone! The person who gave me this mug has no idea how many times I talked myself out of writing my story and this mug wouldn't let me not.  


To the friend who gave me this, it was probably a simple notion, a sweet thought, just a very simple thing she could or could not have done. But actually it was her following the lead. We learned at a very young age to follow the leader at school right? It's really that simple. If we would follow The Leader, how different the world would be. In the little things, follow the lead. God is leading us. Will we follow? When my friend bought me this mug she had no idea that a girl in Pittsburgh would no longer suffer from depression because of it. She had no idea that women would find their happy not only all over Mobile but in Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Montgomery & Dothan AL. She didn't know her buying me this mug would reach many in Brazil, Haiti & India. Who knows where all else! That was just in the first year and it's only the beginning. 


For those reading this blog who don't know, I eventually wrote my story like this mug says and it is called Happy ANYWAY! You can purchase it at or right here at Proceeds go to missions and we have been able to do so much already for people around the world from the message in the book and also from the proceeds! God is so faithful. He amazes me every day! Thank you to all who have joined the movement and are a part of the happy sisterhood. If you want to join you can do so! Watch for events and our next one is March 20th --- We will celebrate the Intl Day of Happiness at Harvest Church in Mobile, AL for a fun girls night out to celebrate what God has done and is doing in our lives regarding learning to live Happy anyway! Details to follow. Subscribe to the blog below and we will keep you posted! 


I wonder what next seemingly small lead we follow could help people all over the globe. Sometimes I think we miss the supernatural looking for the spectacular. It's still not any harder than in first grade. Follow. The. Leader. I remember being on field trips as a kid and not knowing where we were in the big scary city of Jackson, MS headed for the Planitarium walking down State Street. If I think about it I can remember feeling like Ahhhh, it's ok because I'm in the security and safely of this line with my class, teacher leading the way. I could see her way up there because she was bigger than all of us. I could look out and see lots of other little people like me that stood 3-4 ft and see teachers at the fronts of their lines leading kids toward this mangnificent place where we would relax back in those soft chairs where most of us would at some point fall asleep actually watching the star show in utter peace. See when you follow the leader there is safety, there is hope for a desired destination, there is joy for the journey ahead.  

Let's commit to follow those tiny little leads from our Leader and watch where He takes us and takes others due to our obedience 😊 This is such a key to enjoying our joy! 

Happy Monday!