How was Father's Day for you?

 .....happy? or does horrific or "whatever!" or thrilling or special or reflective describe the day more accurately from your seat?


For some, yesterday was a day of severe thankfulness as we thought all day of how blessed our children are to have the World's Greatest Dad in the guy we married!  

Others cried all day as they have lost their Dad. So every "Happy Father's Day" carried a sting or a punch for some. I know because I just experienced that sting with Mother's Day. Uhhhh my heart goes out for you if you're in this boat.

For some, standing in the aisle looking at cards describing the "Dad who has always been there or the Dad who treats you so well that it showed you how to pick a man for yourself" was gut wrenching because there wasn't a card that described your jerk of a Dad. That's when the funny ones win out. Maybe the Laugh will numb the pain. Or maybe you've never bought a Father's Day card because you have no idea who he is. He is a Father for the Fatherless. 

Then there is the one reading this who's children's father is not the love of your life anymore and maybe quite the opposite. Maybe your day yesterday was a reminder of the loneliness you experience & dadgummit YOU deserve a Mother's Day & Father's Day card. You do it all. I solute you. 

Too many scenarios and ranges of brutiful situations to list. You get the idea. Here is the point of this blog... 

How ever yesterday hit you, today is the beginning of the rest of your life and there is only one person in charge of your Happy and your heart. It's the one reading this right now- no one else. Guard your heart and decide to not be heartbroken because a broken heart means a broken life. Can't have that. Don't have that. Out of your heart flows the issues of life. Your heart is a love factory. It is where God lives and it is where joy, peace, patience, and any of  the fruit you need in this moment flow from. Love is what NEVER fails. Unresolved anger, bitterness, strife, and jealousy stop the flow of life inside of you. That begins to affect every part of you spirit, soul, & body. Love gives life & casts out fear of your future. Love wins.

It can be "well with your soul" today ANYWAY! You can love ANYWAY! Browse back through the archived blogs on if you need some "how to's" on being happy ANYWAY. 

If this has rained on your parade today because you are sitting on the top of the world, maybe just had a baby and your Father's Day was nothing less than magical, soak it up and dance through the rest of this week with joy unspeakable and pray for those who needed this encouragement desperately! Just let this blog make you all the more thankful and happy! You can never have too much happy! 

Happy Monday!!