You DO have what it takes!

Hope is the anchor to our souls. Hebrews 6:19

Do you ever feel like hope is a rope you are losing hold of? Do you sometimes wonder if maybe just maybe you don't have what it takes? And when these thoughts come, isn't that when you feel like you are not anchored but instead out of control?

Guess what, that is just part of the human condition. Movie stars, mega-millionaires who have already "made it" still feel that way about themselves at times. Once this accomplishment has been made, a better one must be made next...and soon to satisfy that need for validation. We act like we are in a race our whole lives only to come to the end and realize that accomplishments weren't even what it was all about.

Every human alive is plagued with this "not enough" mindset we need to replace with what the Word of God says. Faith that we have what it takes comes by hearing what the Word says about it continually.

Consider the following truths from scripture:

1-Faith is the very substance of things hoped for.  The substance isn't even the stuff we hope for. The substance is faith itself! 

2-Faith works by love. 

3-All of the fruit of the spirit that flow out of love found in Galatians 5 became a part of us when we were born again. 

4-We were all given a measure of faith when we were born again.  

5-Love never fails.  

So if you are a born again Christian... You DO have hope. You DO have faith. You DO have love. You DO have what it takes!!!  

Faith, hope, & love.....what more can you ask for? With these three ingredients you will have the wisdom and courage to obtain anything you need that you currently don't have to do whatever is in your heart! Now do you believe me? If you believe the Bible is true, you do! You DO have what it takes! 

Happy Monday!