Forgive ANYWAY

"Forgive them Father. For they know not what they do." Jesus

We have been honored and privileged to know many amazing men and women of God. We've found out the more recognition you have the more haters you have. What is becoming apparent is a key to being able to handle success on any level is being able to not be moved by your critics....really not caring and realizing the more you succeed the more critics will come out of the woodwork to try to "help" others see the "truth" about you. Code for - "I'm jealous and since I can't figure out how to succeed in some area or another and am dissatisfied in life, why don't you join me in throwing mud on them to make us feel better about ourselves. This way we can stay in denial and deception about where we are spiritually." Pharisee!

Jesus understands. They did the same thing to Him so you are in good company!!  

Reminds me of something I learned in Bible School. Don't be moved by the cheers or the jeers. That becomes harder and harder to live by as people become more and more "fans" as you reach more goals and levels of success and at the same time others become more avid haters. Taylor Swift said it best and due to her success experienced it first hand - Haters gonna hate. That song did so well because we all can relate. Actually better than that though is the cute tee I've seen that says Lovers gonna love. I love the positive swing on it!! 

However reality is we all either just came out of a relational crisis or struggle, are in one right now or headed into one. Such a crisis that involves the need for forgiveness. Of course unless you live alone on an island. So are you a lover and you gonna love and forgive or a hater gonna hate? That is the choice at hand. 

We've all faced or are facing varying things that need forgiveness but how, why, and not so sure we can at times, right?! 

While people are dealing with real hard stuff like abuse and divorce and loss, Christians defame each other and spread gossip, lies, and try to stir up strife under the guise of something spiritual. No wonder there is a hurting world out there who doesn't know how to forgive and be healed. There are so many well-meaning (I guess) hurting people in the church hurting people so the world can't figure out where to turn. 

Here's what helps me... I pray this and it helps my righteous indignation calm down a bit when I've been blasted or hurt in some way by someone, Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. In church leadership there's always a Judas lurking in the shadows or one being groomed by the enemy to cast you in a bad light or try to turn your key leadership against you or one throwing a party defaming you to their guests. I hope anyone reading this is able to authentically say like I finally really can now concerning whatever it is you get to forgive often in your life, "Forgive them Father. For they know not what they do." Then just believe the best about them and trust God to work it out in your favor. {Man if it were as easy to live out as that just was to type.} Basically . You know what? People so often really do mean well and don't know what hurt they are causing. Due to an unrenewed mind they think they are actually helping. And guess what we have all been those people. You never know when someone may need to pray that prayer for you. So what do you say? Forgive ANYWAY! That which you sow you will also reap. 

Happy last hour of Monday!  😜😍

*****sorry so late today. First day back from vacay and was a big day catching up.