Love is in the air!

You know like on a chic flick and the couple is walking through Central Park in the snow at Christmas time. A horse and buggy goes by and a couple is kissing. Then you look down the hill and see couples ice skating. Picturesque moments. Dreamy ideas we dream of. Our hearts long for the lead roles in these films to be real life. 


We walk out of the theatre back into our lives or wake up from our daydream of wishful thinking and find ourselves at work at a desk with more to do than three top execs with a Harvard Business degree could ever get done. Do you ever think "What if life could be like the movies?" People have created small towns to try to achieve such Eutopia. Near us in Mobile I can think of two such areas - Fairhope was a true attempt at Eutopoa and I would have to think the walkable communities along 30A had to be also because they come close to measuring up. 

In reality there is conflict to be overcome, struggle to be reckoned with, problems to be solved. Be that as it may, love is in the air. God is love and He is inside of born again believers and the very breath we breathe is because of that love. We are made in His image and that's why we long for all of that dreamy stuff. Love is what never fails and love is what we are all after. The highest heights of success don't satisfy that longing of love. The longest to-do list accomplished doesn't check off that need for real love in our lives. If you are a Christ follower, speak out loving words and that love will begin to frame your world with those things you desire. Love never fails and love is the answer to whatever the current reality is that is in your way. So next problem or struggle that pops up, think this - If I speak forth love into this situation, love is in the air. Then just rest in knowing that Love never fails!

Maybe if we lived in the way God means for us to live with love creating our moments and cutting straight through our obstacles, life just might could be a little more like those dreams we have in our minds' eye. 

••• Love ANYWAY and happy ANYWAY becomes reality •••

Happy Monday!  

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