Happy September 11th!

Seriously? Did I just type that?! Yes I did. God is the restorer of horrible pasts and even though this day is worse than Christmas for many who have experienced loss, God is in the restoration business. The same way these HGTV shows can take awful run down houses and make them beautiful, God can take whatever

"9-11" has occurred in your life.....even if her name is Irma. My heart is aching for so many who have experienced so much loss in that storm or from her angry brother who hit TX. 

Today, I am reminded of these level disasters down to what comparatively tiny mishap that happened to me this morning. So I was on Studio 10 and due to the hectic weather and just so much going on today in the news, our segment about the upcoming conference was aired with the wrong dates. The first thing I thought was Oh well, happy ANYWAY! And guess what once again even in that small problem, now we get air time tomorrow too correcting the date so Praise the Lord! God is so faithful in the massive losses we face and tiniest of daily frustrations to bring beauty out of our messes. What if we trusted Him in the little things and our faith grew from that so that when the big things hit our trust in Him is so ready that we courageously meet adversity head on....? Success then simply follows when we trust Him through the storm inspite of the results of the storm all the way to the other side of the storm where we land on our feet Happy ANYWAY! 

Happy Monday!!! 

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