"You can treat me like that and I will love you ANYWAY!" Peppi Sims

I think the phrase from this weekend that has rung in my head the most and is transforming my heart was this quote from Peppi Sims. When she said this, it pierced me to the core...."You can treat me like that & I will love you ANYWAY!" I realized when she said that along with talking about sowing seeds of frustration into others around you that I had some changing to do. Ouch! Thank you, Jesus! Oh my and oh me! Those words were all being said silently from my chair and most likely from everyone's there if I had to guess.

In my message I shared the meaning of the word ANYWAY with the ladies who were at HappyGirl1 17. It means - in any case; without regard to other considerations


That is exactly what Peppi was saying when she told us this weekend that basically, it's ok...even when your behavior is negative toward me, I will not sow seeds of frustration to you or anyone else. I will not give birth to bitterness in my heart. I will choose in that very moment to love you ANYWAY without regard to any other considerations and in any case I find myself in. Man! Drop the phone!!! Ok corny joke... I'm not holding a mic right now else drop the mic would have been more appropriate πŸ˜‚

Wow!!! I kept saying that all weekend as God just kept blowing my mind. Here I am on the Monday following Happy Girl 17 and God is still working in my heart as a result of all the amazing stuff we heard and shared together! I know He is in yours too!!! 

Have you had an opportunity to love ANYWAY since you returned from the beautiful sandy beaches of #OBA ? I have & you know what I did it! Nobody but Jesus knows the thoughts that occurred on a couple of occasions in the last 48 hours and I'm happy to keep it that way but He DOES know and honestly I think I almost heard Him say, "That a girl!" As if He is teaching me how to ride a bike without training wheels. For those of us especially with a little extra spice in our personalities this weekend just might result in radical noticeable change as our personalities begin to reflect God's personality more and more! I believe we will all be "riding this bike" like a boss loving ANYWAY as a first reaction filled with grace and mercy knowing that Dear Lord, we need it as much as anyone else who just hurt our feelings does! There are people in your life that need to exit your life sometimes but a lot of times there are people in your life that you just need to learn to love ANYWAY. 

Challenge : Next time someone is rude to you, loves you one minute and acts like you don't exist the next, gets an attitude with you, gossips about you or even truly betrays you, make a commitment in your heart right then and there to love that person ANYWAY, fear God instead of them and watch your love become mature. Love always wins sometimes from a distance but even still then LOVE WINS 100% of the time! Love ANYWAY and start winning more and more of the time in every area of life!  

God is Love is Happy !  ! ! 

Want to be happy ANYWAY? Love ANYWAY!  

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Love ANYWAY & have a Happy Monday!!!