Never a Loss if a Lesson Learned

We are watching Alabama football tonight in the National Championship. It is yet to be determined who will win even as I write. Whoever wins, the other team will go away with lots of lessons learned to use for their next season. I've heard good coaches and I think even Nick Saban say just that before about games. 

What if we had that perspective about painful losses in life?  

Don’t let painful lessons serve no purpose. Embrace your hurt and be grateful for the knowledge it brings to guide you to a higher path in life.

One thing I'm learning concerning  loss is that freedom only comes with accepting that it is what it is. The loss cannot always be reversed. When that is the case and you understand that the only person you can control is YOU, the serenity prayer can become your best friend. 

So what difficult lesson are you in the middle of learning right now? Rather than focusing on the loss, become thankful for the lessons learned and let those lessons serve a purpose for you. Maybe your loss could actually serve a purpose to move you further "down the field". God is a Master at restoring the soul wether what you want to be restored is or isn't. 

Now back to the Alabama game! Come on, Bama, let's win this National Championship game! Can't quite tell if this is going to be a painful lesson or not. Fingers crossed! 5 minutes left...Roll Tide! 

Happy Monday ANYWAY!!!!