But my reputation!!!

In Mark 5:25-34 the woman with the issue of blood put her reputation on the line to get what she wanted. It was not cool for her to be in public having an issue of blood. I’m sure she was shamed, looked down upon and considered pushing the limits to do what she did. 

If we will ever get what we want out of life, we will have to put our reputation on the line. People won’t always cheer for our choices. People may get in the way and we may have to press through the crowd like the woman with the issue of blood did. But if we want it bad enough we will do whatever it takes to get to what we want from God. We will pray longer than some think necessary. We will be consumed with God’s will for our lives so much that we are called radicals and fanaticals. We may be kicked out of friend groups. We may be persecuted and even lay our lives on the line at times.  


All of the above have been part of my story. I have accumulated a few haters along the way but who hasn’t who are really going places for the cause of Christ. I’ve accumulated many more lovers and many more will party with me in heaven than will avoid me on this earth as a result of me refusing to ask the question, “But what about my reputation?!”  


The reputation I am concerned about is Jesus’ reputation. This world has mocked and ridiculed our Saviour and everything He stands for. Our most important job as Christians is to tell the world that God is good! He is not heartless or all the other things the world accuses Him of being. If we would be more concerned about God’s reputation than our own making it our main most calling to shout from the rooftops at the expense of our reputation that God is good, that good news would literally save the world ~ whales and environment included!! 

Those who are trying to save the world by defaming God have it all backwards and thus lives in shambles in the process. Just look around. Will you join me in no longer being concerned with who likes you or doesn’t because of your stand for Christ, get gutsy, and let’s go after what we really want, more of God and less of us. More of Heaven on Earth and less pain and sorrow. Let’s press through the crowd and touch the hem of His garment that can heal every broken heart and mend busted up relationships through the power of his Love! It can drive out diseases of any kind, and can remove the shame placed on us by others or even ourselves. We can go free from the bondage of trying to keep up our reputation, let the chips fall where they may and make the name of God known as goooood. God is Love!  



ps If you have hard questions of “But then if God is Love why this or why that?” my next book Love ANYWAY is going to speak to those things. I share in this next book of my struggles of faith and even believing in God at times and how to reconcile all of that. I also love to do “happy sessions” with anyone who would like as my time allows. Please contact Juli my assistant if you are interested at 251-471-2914 Ext 706 and be watching for the launch of love ANYWAY soon! Also register today for Happy Girl 18 Aug 24-25 at happyanyway.org and subscribe to the happy Monday blog so you never miss out on getting your week off to a happy start!!! Much love 💕