Thank God & Shut Up


But they gossiped about me! 

This is impossible to overcome. 

She betrayed me! 

What could possibly happen next? 

He hurt me! 

They are so judgmental & heartless. 

No one gets how hard this is. 

Who even cares? 

When is it going to ever get easier?  

Have you ever felt any of those ways? Of course. We all have at one point or another. Life happens, right?! To. All. Of. Us. People are not perfect...including us. Sometimes it's just easier to see that about others while giving ourselves the grace we all need. 

The next time you are faced with these thoughts, I want you to hear these words:  "Thank God and shut up!" Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh. The point is to grab your attention. Let the peace of God sweep over you as you thank Him in the middle of your storm because you have chosen to walk by faith and not by sight! 

Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later. Romans 8:18 NLT

When someone hurts you or whenever you find yourself sick, in financial distress, or any trouble, imagine yourself responding by turning your attention away from what is hurting you and refocusing your attention on the One who is right there ready to intervene on your behalf. God is our ever present help in time of trouble. He is the friend that sticks closer than a brother or sister. He is the One who already saw ahead and provided our way of escape. He is the One who has NEVER forsaken us and has been faithful every time. He is the One True God who is well able and willing to help us overcome this and the next thing coming down the pipes!!