Love looks good on you!

Have you ever noticed how beautiful people are who are gracious, kind, and patient? Have you experienced this beauty? 

Think about someone you just love being around. Think about people who make you feel like a million bucks. Think about that person who doesn’t get their feathers ruffled easily. Think of someone who takes urgency in stride.


On the contrary, have you ever been around people who make mountains out of mole hills? Have you experienced the loss of a friend over something stupid? Have you experienced the pain of this mire? 

Think about that boss, acquaintance or passer by at the mall who sassed you or demeaned you. Think about the person who sends out stress vibes the moment she enters the vicinity. Think about someone who is so negative, you fight depression after hanging out. 

Which one of these scenarios would people notice about you or me? I’m sad to say that I’m quite sure the latter has described me perhaps moreso than the former description at times. Maybe that’s why God gave me this message of happy ANYWAY and now love ANYWAY. Maybe He knew I needed it and would press into Him the rest of my life to “get it” over time not giving up until I do bringing as many as are willing along for the ride. Maybe He knew in my leaning into this concept, the notion would spill over onto those around me. Those of you reading this blog today. 

My prayer is that the former describes all of us more each day. My prayer is that we put on love and put off judgement, offense, hurt, insecurity, and those things that easily distract us from being our best version of us. I pray that as we love more and love anyway that our beauty grows and attracts all the good that God intends for our lives. 


Let’s become intentional about how we respond to criticism, hatred, injustice, strife, and stress. Let’s put it through the filter of love. Then respond. Before ya know it, your beauty will attract what you are wanting out of life. Before ya know it people will be saying, “Gosh, you’re beautiful. Love looks so good on you!”  

Happy Monday!