It Doesn’t Matter!

Dallas, TX. Thousands of pastors, pastors’ wives and church staffs and volunteers. Creativity like you can hardly imagine being expressed for the gospel’s sake.  Relationships fostered giving life and hope to ministers to stay in the game for another year. Understanding about what we do and why we do it permeated staffs and teams of volunteers that span the country. Local churches strengthened by God’s Word spoken to her leaders to continue to give unselfishly with a forgiving heart and a clean spirit. 


This is all wonderful and this description is about my tribe and what feels like a family reunion that we attend each year called C3 Conference. But I’ld like to share with you perhaps the most powerful part of the conference for Kevin and I this year. Simple. But profound.  


“It DOESN’T matter!”


These three words have been spoken by my husband dozens of times in the last six weeks quoting Ed Young from the conference.  

Opportunity has knocked at my door to be offended or get my feelings hurt like it probably has yours in the last few weeks. Did you choose offense? Or did you go to the person and talk it out like the Bible teaches to do? Or did you cop out on that by saying you were going to “walk in love and forgive” which too often is code for let offense turn to bitterness by repressing it? Or did you try to work it out with no success? Or did you have to truly walk in love and forgive because you know working it out isn’t any longer an option due to divorce or very rare exceptions as such?

People come in our lives and people leave our lives. People do thoughtless things and people hurt us not knowing they are doing so only to then have dinner together as if nothing is wrong. Sometimes we are those people not even knowing it. You get the picture......most of us if not every single person reading this blog has a situation going on right now similar to this. Why? Because we are all in relationships with someone and relationships have one thing in common. They are messy.

So what to do? What to think? The Bible tells us that as a man thinks in his heart so is he. The way we think about things is so important. They can actually be life or death to our relationships. Here is one of the most powerful truths I am embracing that is hosestly new to me....


Soooooooo many things just REALLY don’t matter. We stew over this thought and we wrestle with that one only to become tired and weary accomplishing absolutely nothing!


....when truly, it doesn’t matter. 


Next time someone doesn’t call you back, doesn’t invite you to something, becomes distant, says something that hurts, clearly is offended about something you said but you’re not sure what, stops believing in you, begins to work against you at work, even betrays your trust, yes they matter and your relationship matters but what just happened very rarely matters in the scheme of things. When we exalt Christ in our situations everything pales in comparison. So when we keep our eyes on how BIG our God is and how capable He is of working things together for our good nothing that anyone can do or say gets us off our game. In comparison when we are eternally minded, nine times out of ten

            IT DOESN’T MATTER! 

Happy Monday!