Look up!

Look up from where your help comes! People who are always looking down at the ground double checking every step they make might avoid pot holes but their fascination with safety is often driving them crazy! How do I know this? Because this describes how I have been at times. The very fear you have comes upon you. The precision with which you try soooooo hard to "keep something from happening" draws it right into your life. Let go, look up, take risks, shake it off and live. Really live. But how do you change this deep rooted habit and even belief system you have that is strangling the life out of you? The answer is so simple you may not want to hear it. The answer is love and love hard. Love big. Love wild. Love ANYWAY!  

Haters gonna hate. Fools gonna fool. People gonna be people. They or maybe more well put...we mean well while being selfish. Grace is what makes the difference. Grace is what has made the difference for each of us. Grace, mercy, and forgiveness are the power triplets that we all could probably use more of. Grace comes from above. So look up, lean on Him and laugh, love, and really live! 

Lovers gonna love. 

Happy Monday...ANYWAY!