It's the LittleThings

Vision boards, goal setting, motivational podcasts, positive affirmations, go big or go home!.  I am a big fan of all of these.  Over the past year to 18 months, I have crammed all of the books, blogs and podcasts on this subject into my brain that I can find. I even stepped out and hosted a vision board small group that was one of my favorite things I have tried.  I am also over the top excited that my church will be hosting my vision board/motivation idol at next year’s womens conference #happygirl18.  Still, there was that one thing that frustrated me. That gaping hole on my vision board.  The place I had saved for that dream that is so big it scares you and it can’t be accomplished without God.  You know, the one all of the vision casters talk about. That business, book, or big invention that’s going to put you on the map, bring in the $$$ to fund the Gospel and cause you to live the life of your dreams. I just couldn’t seem to wrap my imagination around it, and true to the law of attraction, what  I focused on the most I kept drawing into my life.  In this case NOTHING! NO BIG THING!


In His goodness, God spoke to my heart one morning, “ A million little things are the BIG thing!”  I was reminded of the movie Mr Holland’s Opus.  Mr. Holland was a composer that dreamed of writing that big piece of music that would be his legacy, but ended up taking a job as a music teacher while he was waiting on the “big” thing.  What was supposed to be a temporary thing, turned into decades of day in day out ordinary living, never quite leading up to that lofty goal.  In the end, his students come back to pay him tribute and he gets to see all the lives he touched and the impact he had. If you have never seen that movie, you should.  God began to speak to my heart about all those seemingly “liitle” things.  The years of reading Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to my son, because it was the only story he asked for every night, and how that produced the most goal setting, goal crushing, killing it kid on the planet. He reminded of the precious to my heart friend that joined the vision board small group and gave her life to Jesus during that semester, in part because the small group members convinced her she didn’t have to wait on Jesus until she had it all figured out. And that sweet little red headed girl that I held in the nursery and colored Bible lesson pictures with in preschool that saw my picture on Facebook and told her GiGi “There’s my best friend!”  He has been speaking to me constantly since that morning about how a lifetime of little things woven together create the big beautiful dream I have thought I missed out on if I would just open my eyes to see it. 


Now am I saying to stop believing for that BIG thing?  Absolutely not!!  I’m not giving up on it!  What I am saying is while you are on the way to discovering that big thing, don’t stop slaying at the “little” things.  Write that encouraging note or send the text to that person you think has everything, but really is just wondering if anyone notices them.  Volunteer at your church, bake the cookies and take them to someone.  Invite that person out for a coffee date.  Ask God to show you that “little” thing you can do, and then be about it!  You will find a level of satisfaction you didn’t know existed on your way to the big thing. Go big, by going small.  Go ahead, I hear your music starting to play…….


And if you need scripture to back this up, (I always do :)), Zechariah 4:10 in the NIV version says it this way “ Who dares despise the day of small things?”  My answer is, “Not me anymore!’

Happy Monday!  

By: Andrea Vickers  

Thank you, Andrea for contributing to the #happymondayblog & #happysisterhood today!!