It doesn't matter!

Think about every freak out moment you have had in the last week or month or year depending on how often you have them. 😂  

Guess what, I'ld venture to say - It worked out! Have you noticed that one minute you can be like, "Oh no SOS!" And in ten minutes tha calm is back and shooooweeee "That was close!" is what's coming out of your mouth. Moral if the story.....what one minute or month or year was sooooooooo important is now not even relevant doesn't even matter. 


You know what it is?

Clarity - Perspective - Insight  - Time


When you find yourself in your next freak out moment I double dog dare you to think this -

In time this won't even matter.

Or with another perspective this really doesn't matter.

Or in the grand scheme of things possessing insight from above this really doesn't matter.

Or thinking with clarity of mind this matters far less than otherwise.  


So little matters. So little is worth high blood pressure, ulcers, or acid reflux. So few things will send you truly over the edge. Most things come out in the wash as we said I the eighties. So much passes with time.  


Make a short list today of what really matters to you and make life about that! It's your life! Do what matters and leave the rest undone. It doesn't matter anyway!   


Happy Monday ANYWAY!  


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