Happy Easter Monday!

I hope your Easter basket was full and your dress fit perfectly, your family photo was on point, and you found the golden egg in a field of flowers🌺!

Chances are however, many of our Eastery memories are interupted with running out the door forgetting our earrings (true story...that happened! Really?!) Some of us may have had to send our husbands to the gas station to get sweet relish after church because Publix was closed and we had gotten dill on accident for Mom’s stuffed eggs for Easter lunch (This also happened. Sorry Babe! My bad!)

Still in the reality of whatever happened or didn’t for you yesterday I hope Easter was as beautiful for you as it was for me.

Life happens. Some things are picture perfect but even when they are, the next day that follows may bring a rude awakening or just another day of  the same ole same ole. 

For us, yesterday was the Best Easter Evuuhhhhh. When my youngest son was little he would constantly say “This is the best daaaayyy evuuuhhhh!” Funny thing though is that five minutes later I might hear, “This is the worst day evuhhhh!” 

I think it’s good for us to remember the scripture where Paul said that he knew how to abound and how to be abased. Thessalonians says that this is God’s will that in all circumstances we give thanks. So if you are on the mountain top or in a valley, just know it can change in the blink of an eye. 

Yesterday was record attendance, record fun, record salvations, record volunteerism, record worship, record Easter in the books! Praise God and all glory to Him and a million thanks to our amazing team and staff! But then comes Monday. Then comes follow up and sustaining growth and being faithful while not growing weary after the adrenaline is gone from a big success. So I want to ask you, no matter how Easter went for you, up or down, filled with family memories and great food or celebrated alone, how was Easter Monday?

How do we transition from mountain tops to valleys in faith or from valleys to mountain tops in humility? How do we go from glory to glory consistently? Here is how.....In allllllll things give thanks!!!  

Happy Easter Monday!