Connection treats Depression

Most mornings at our house you would hear this prayer if you were there from my husband that he prays over our boys.... “Lord, Connect them to the right people and protect them from the wrong people.” 

The Book by Ed Young called The Right They tells us that many if not everyone in prison have one thing in common. If you ask them how they landed behind bars, they will begin their answer with, “I had this friend...”

Who we hang out with and who we don’t hang out with affects the destiny of our lives. No doubt. It’s cliche but true - we are the sum of who we hang out with. 

When relationships go haywire the temptation is to yield to loneliness. Isolation is not the answer and can lead to depression. The urge is there to pull the covers over your head and avoid the world and all those in it. That is because if the devil can trick you into losing total connection with those who love you, he can defeat you. Be not deceived. Do not allow him to isolate you where you begin to seek your own like the Bible says. There is too much fun out there to be had! There are people who love you that you could be enjoying instead of wallowing in self pity over who you have lost. If you have lost them they are gone. Enjoy who is right in front of your face wishing you would go play tennis with them or go shopping with them or go for coffee or dinner with them or play in the floor with them! 

And yes, people do love you. Even when it may feel like no one cares, that is a feeling and feelings lie. The fact is that you are loved. Reality is we are prone to focus on those who leave us or those who don’t show up when we need them most. As we think in our minds so are we scripture tells us. So what are you dwelling on?  

Just like with stuff, we can focus on what we don’t have or we can focus on what we do have. When sadness or self-pitied loneliness or bitterness strikes, fight back with forgiveness, thankfulness and connection. (hint: Forgiveness and thankfulness are attractive and will attract more of the right people in your life.) 

A temptation in Ministry is to notice who isn’t there. After all isn’t it most noble to go after the one and leave the 99. That verse has been taken so far out of context but that’s another topic for another day. That verse isn’t a license to whine that no one noticed you weren’t there. Get your butt to church and stop whining. Kevin and I spent the first decade plus of pastoring chasing those who were leaving, crying over those who weren’t there and all the while there were such beautiful people right under our noses so happy to do life with us and our church family. It was when we began to focus on those who were there that our church has since grown and become so healthy and fun and loving and caring. Now because we began to focus on the love surrounding us, we all together are much better able even to reach out to those in need! 

The Holy Spirit led me to begin to pray a few years ago for divine appointments and for the right  relationships. God has answered those prayers many times over with amazing life giving connections that bring so much joy to my life. And He will do the same for you! No more depression! Lots more connection!

Of course there are times when more treatment from a professional is warranted and advised. I am not a professional but just a girl who fought depression and won and continue to fight the good fight of faith to keep winning. My prayer is that you get the right connections in your life and all you do is WIN, WIN, WIN!!!!!!! 


ps......Have you REGISTERED YET for #happygirl18 ?!?!?! If not what are you waiting on? There will be connections galore waiting for you there I believe. I am praying for lifetime friendships to be born and for iron to sharpen iron. My prayer is that everyone who is supposed to be there will do their part, obey that nudge and get there. I’m speaking to your finances and saying for them to line up with the Word of God and get in order in Jesus’ name and for the extra you need to get here for this conference! Mostly I’m praying for you to love yourself enough to see that it is a priority to get to things like this near you or that God calls you to do and that you will trust Him to work it out for you to be right where you need to be making the connections He is calling you to make! Xo 🙏😘