Happy Girl 18

Have you been a happy girl this year? 

A couple of weeks ago Kevin and I celebrated twenty five years of marriage and on our anniversary I literally did nothing but “take in” the last twenty five years. I looked at pics. I giggled, cried, and let gratitude overtake me. I prayed and sort of centered in on who I was, am and am becoming. 

I encourage you to take a few moments this week and “take in” this year. The good. The bad. And the ugly. What has happened to you, for you, and because of you? What have you accomplished? What is good in your life? What have you overcome or in the process of overcoming? What strengths do you have that help you be a winner? Are you engaging those strengths to their fullest capacity? What needs to change, has changed, or will change that you need to be ready for? 


Do you have happy habits like I talk about in my first book Happy Anyway   that are producing success for you or do you have stressful habits that are producing worry, anxiety and failure? 


What can you do to take hold of this year and make it have a happy ending? This is your life! This is your season! Grab this year by the horns and tell it how it will end! Stop letting life happen and do something about it. You hold the pen to write the rest of your story! Why don’t you start by deciding to come to this year’s Happy Conference called #happygirl18 ?!?! Why not?! When is the last time you did something crazy? Something last minute to mix it up a bit? Something for you? Something that could literally change the trajectory of your life? Something that could actually change your family tree?  


I believe in my heart of hearts that this conference this weekend is not just a bunch of silly girls who needed more to do but it is an appointment on Heaven’s calendar and I’m asking you to put it on yours! Book a last minute deal flight, book your hotel (conf rates on happyanyway.org) book your babysitter, and come join the happy sisterhood this weekend Aug 24-25th with special guest Terri Savelle Foy and hundreds of ladies who have decided to draw a line in the sand and go after their dreams, love anyway and have the lives thy were put on this planet to live! 

Happy Monday and I hope to see you this Friday night at 6 at Harvest Church in Mobile, AL!  Follow us on social media to stay up to day leading up to and during the conference!! 

Register TODAY for Happy Girl 18!