Think it. Ink it!

This weekend we were blessed to have Terri Savelle Foy with us at #happygirl18 and WOW! What a weekend! I HIGHLY recommend if you have never heard her live, ya gotta! You will leave so inspired and ready to go for it. 


This little phrase means a lot to our family. Our mentor Jim Wideman etched this into our brains in our twenties and we’ve always lived by it. In fact when our firstborn was being babysat by his aunt, she put him in his bed and said, “Gavin, remind Aunt Steph tomorrow and I will take you to the park.” Or something he was asking her to do like which our toddler responded, “Aunt Steph, think it. Ink it! Then we won’t forget!” 😂😂

Out of the mouth of babes!

It’s so true!  Ya know, it’s one thing to forget the milk on your grocery list because you didn’t ink it. But it’s a whole other thing to never get to the very purpose you were put on this planet just because you never took the time to sit down, Dream, Envision YOUR future and WRITE IT DOWN. 

Go ahead and LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH to write down your goals and you will be amazed just how many of them happen because of it! Did you know that only 3% of humanity write their vision and that 3% happen to be the wealthiest people on the planet⁉️‼️ All you need for your first million is a pen and some paper 📝=💲

All you need for your life to finally become what you desire it to be is some pen and some paper 📝 =😊 

All you need for your family’s goals to come to pass is some pen and some paper 📝 =👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I challenge you, especially those of you who were so blessed like I was to hear the invaluable Word of God this weekend to sit down. Pray and hear from God, pen in hand and write down what He says and GET AFTER IT!  

This is exactly what I did with the vision of Happy. When this ministry was birthed in my heart, I literally had a pen and paper in my hand in that hotel room in Miami (See “Where did all this HAPPY come from” at the beginning of the book Happy ANYWAY.)  I wrote down the vision, reviewed it often, have made adjustments along the way and this weekend marked the best thing we’ve ever done to date!!  Family trees will be soooooooo different as a result of this weekend and it all started with a pen and paper 📝 

Habakkuk 2:2 Write the vision. Make it plain so that those who read it will run with it. 📝💃🎉 

Happy Monday!!! 

***This is what I wrote down three years ago —- 

The vision of Happy ANYWAY: 

1- To help women find their happy

2- To spread the happy around the world  

3- To come together as a happy sisterhood and have good ole fashion fun together  

....and this is exactly what we are doing on a larger scale each year! The best is yet to come! Thank you for joining the #happysisterhood ‼️ Let’s keep spreading the happy together‼️